Dear Carl Adamshick,

I love your poetry.  Specifically Pacific.  I am writing you this letter on my blog for everyone to see because in searching for you on Google, I can’t find out how to contact you, so here it is.  Perhaps you, when Googling your own name, or when a friend Googles you, will discover this letter and the compliments it contains.

For all of the non- Carl Adamshicks out there, which would be most of you, sadly, you can read only an excerpt of this fine poem here.  Why write a letter to a poet on a blog about (predominately) visual art?  This particular poem, addresses Amelia Earhart and her place in history, specifically in the year 1935.

The poem opens thus with a quote:

“After midnight the moon set and I was alone with the stars.
I have often said that the lure of flying is the lure of beauty.”

Amelia Earhart

So,  Mr. Adamshick and I are caught up in the roughly the same subject.  If anyone is interested in reading the whole thing, get a copy of The Missouri Review Volume 31, Number 3, Fall 2008.  Thanks Joe, for calling my attention to this poem.  Mr. Adamshick, I apologize for turning this letter into a blog post addressed not only to you, but everyone else out there, but it is, after all, a blog post.

Speaking of Amelia Earhart, I have finished the fourth little panel in a set of four with Howland Island and Gardner Island as their subjects.  These little panels are artifacts.  They are wooden photographs.

Here is #4:


and here they are together:


So, please feel free to peruse the rest of this blog, as images of AE-influenced work abound.  Thank you for your time and patience with my cyberpermient.


Amy Sacksteder

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  1. Joe Sacksteder:

    Hey Amy, another work you might want to check out is Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s “The Last Time I saw Amelia Earhart.” I actually haven’t read any of it yet, but a poet who knows I’m on the lookout for AE material (for you) referred me to it.

    Sorry that that one student hasn’t yet forwarded me her story. Hope she will eventually.

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