So, what with all of the vegan brunch hosting, Shadow Art Fair going, blogging, and uploading and categorizing hundreds of travel photos to flickr, the semi-annual rearranging of the water studio has suffered a bit.  But fear not!  It’s ready for action and with more work space and room to move around, I can’t wait to nestle in with my audiobooks, drawing pens and fancy papers.  Behold the glory that is organization!






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  1. Lauren:

    A gal could get some work done in there, non!? Nice! By the way, Duff and I walked over yesterday evening and all we got to do was stare in the window at Juni and Bob.

  2. Abbi:

    Looks great. I am currently working on organizing and cleaning my studio along with my whole house. It is so nice to have a clean work environment. Your space looks really wonderful and a nice place to think and make.

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