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So, after a long wait, with much suspense, I present to you the islands.  They are supposed to be mini art museums, thus the walkways and little doors.  My friend and fellow artist Krista Peel has challenged me and a two handfuls of other artists to come up with mini art museums for her latest calendar project.  She will harness her mad skills to photograph these little buildings with railroad people milling about them and assign them to a particular month in a glossy, glorious calendar.  My particular take on the challenge was obviously influenced by my recent work drawing and painting the islands.  mini art museumcloser look

even closer

So though I always have fun making work for KP’s calendar projects (wow!  since 2004 now), they always reaffirm for me how much I love painting and drawing as opposed to working with 3D-oriented media, as in this case with pink insulation foam and plaster.  I had much more fun painting the surface of the islands than I did doing all of that sanding.  Still, it’s nice to be able to expand into whatever realm is presented and I am pretty happy with the final result which isn’t too far off than what I has envisioned in my drawing.  Plus, as I mentioned before, this was my first foray into model railroad land.  It’s quite a place!

There are a lot of artists out there doing this model railroad thing, and other work with miniatures.  I must say, in the following cases (and with Krista Peel’s work, which is, of course, a given), I am quite taken with it:

Thomas Doyle makes strange little events happen in snow globes.

Courier, mixed media, 12.5 x 14, inches diameter, 2007

Courier, mixed media, 12.5 x 14, inches diameter, 2007

Acceptable losses, mixed media, 16 x 13.5 inches, diameter 2008

Acceptable losses, mixed media, 16 x 13.5 inches, diameter 2008

Though these following images by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz are c-prints, they are clearly taken using diorama-like sets.  Is it any coincidence that the title of this series is “Islands”?

Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz A Winter Walk, 2006  C-Print 39 x 65 inches

A Winter Walk, 2006 C-Print 39 x 65 inches

Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz Low Tide, 2008  C-Print 50 x 40 inches

Low Tide, 2008 C-Print 50 x 40 inches

Thanks to my friend Abigail for alerting me to these artists in her blog.  Let me know if you come across others…


  1. Abbi:

    Love the new sculptures…. The painting you did is lovely on that surface. I would love to see the calendar when it is done.
    And……. ANOTHER Abigail in Ann Arbor Michigan that is in artist? How did I miss that? You have to connect us! Although, so sad I am no longer there. Still I feel a kinship.
    BTW I love those artists working in miniature. breathtaking.

  2. abigail:

    your pieces look great! I understand what you mean about feeling more comfortable painting or drawing, because I feel more comfortable making sculpture!

    oh how I love Martin/Munoz’s and Thomas Doyle’s work. Even though Martin and Munoz work is nothing like anything I would ever make, I still wish I’d made it.

    your friend Abbigail wrote me earlier today, so we’ve now met via blogging 🙂 I wish she was in town to come to brunch!

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