o.p.a. (other people’s art)

I have been particularly struck by the work of two artists of late.  Mark Dion and Mike McFalls.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by artist Mark Dion at Cranbrook.  First of all, his talk was riveting.  He speaks in such a narrative, engaging manner, that when he was finished, I just wanted him to keep talking.  Luckily he answered some questions at the end of the lecture.

This piece showcases objects excavated during his project the Tate Thames Dig.  It is a double-sided cabinet that houses the objects such as wine bottle necks, toys, and cell phones in a particular manner according to color, type, and other commonalities.

He spoke about a lot of ideas that have been bouncing around in my head lately.  Among which are curiosity cabinets, alchemy, the surrealists and their influences, and fictionalized truths.  All of this wraps into my AE work and the way that I eventually want to present it.

My brother came across the work of Mike McFalls at the art gallery in the new art complex at Interlochen Center for the Arts in northern Michigan, where I used to teach.  When I recently asked people for suggestions of artists using model train sets in their work, for a post, Joe suggested Mike’s work.  Coincidentally, two of my colleagues at EMU recently curated some of his work into the Contemporary Sculpture exhibition at EMU’s University Gallery.  I especially loved the work when I saw it in person, so much so, that we bought a piece, and I’m trading him a drawing for another one.  Here are some images of his work.

This piece is similar to the one we’re taking home.  I love finding artists who’s work resonates with my current investigations and passions.  I am itching to get back to island paintings, but for now, I am working on a piece from the Beautiful Ones series for an exhibition at the Gallery Project in December that is similar to this one in approach:

Ouroboros I
acrylic on raw canvas with silk-screened imagery sewn to the surface, accompanied by corresponding t-shirts
89″x 59.5″


  1. Joe Sacksteder:

    With the mentioning of Amy’s brother, doesn’t everyone feel that this blog has taken a giant step forward in cultural significance?

    So you already bought the McFalls piece? There goes Christmas present idea. I really like the one that’s “similar,” the one you put up a picture of. It’s all pincussion-y and makes me think of a soft, comfortable landscape where you could lie down anywhere and grab a snooze.

  2. abigail:

    oooh, i love Mike McFall’s pieces!
    you’re so lucky to be taking one home.

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