awhile back: Newfoundland, 2005

bleached tree on a cliff in Newfoundland

I am reconfiguring the way that I think about this blog in relation to my website.  This seems like a great forum for all of the stuff I had on (and would be updating to)  the pictures page on my site.  There is no longer a link to that page, though you can still access it here.  Now there’s a link to the blog instead!  So, I thought I would go through the images on that page and re-post them here from time to time so everything is in the same place.  I am starting with some images from a residency I attended though the Pouch Cove Foundation (sadly no longer open) in Newfoundland in 2005.  It was a breathtaking experience!    Here goes:

the dock in Pouch Cove

the dock at Pouch Cove

The residency was in an old school building and my studio was a former classroom. There was a view of the sea from my windows.

I was working on the series Isolation at the time and used the shelf from my refrigerator as a palette.

work installed in studio

moose country

clothesline against the Atlantic

sunset in a lobster net

cliffs on the island of St. John's

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