On Saturday, the five adventurers that climbed Mount Esja on Wednesday set out for another trip. We rented a little car (which we dubbed Sputnik 2) and set out for Hveragerði, which is a small town in the hills set atop thermal springs. Much of the town is run by the thermal water (which gets really hot- to the point of boiling). They have greenhouses, ovens for the bakeries and restaurants, heating, hot tubs, all powered by the thermal springs.

We went there to hike through the mountains to visit a special spot in a thermal river where hot and cold springs come together to make perfect bathing conditions.  The weather was crisp and clear and the water was warm- hot in some places.  Drying off on the bank of the river in the sun with the cool breeze blowing after having been in the hot water was a wonderful experience.

The hike into the river valley and out again was breathtaking, with vast expanses, gorgeous views, stream-side meanderings, picturesque, pastoral sheep  and river rock-hopping.  Behold:

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