In addition to my solo show, We are running… (just installed…phew!) at Northeastern Illinois University’s Fine Arts Center Gallery (more on that soon), I currently have work featured in some other group shows:

1) Sub Terrain at Work Gallery in Ann Arbor.  Here’s more info, and a great review of the show, highlighting the works of friends Amanda Thatch and Ryan Molloy.

2) Interrupted Landscapes at Champion Contemporary in Austin.  My pieces are in the wonderful company of work by Scott Hocking, Lori Nix and a host of other fantastic artists.  This is  the gallery’s debut exhibition and the space looks great.  Check out the installation images from the show.  My work, the Object Lesson panels are to the far right in the installation image below.

3) With/Drawn, an international contemporary drawing exhibition, hosted by The Drawing Room in Budapest.  That’s my piece way back there over David’s right shoulder (he’s the fellow holding the paper).  In Hungary, it’s practice to have the curator or another prominent person read a prepared statement about the exhibition.

I got to go to the opening of Sub Terrain, and I’m happy to  hear the other openings were successful too!

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