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show and shoot

Here are some images from our group show, SKIPTI / SWAP at the end of the residency at SÍM.  On Monday we installed the show, had the opening, followed by a picnic in the garden, and de-installed the show.  Then I had to pack and say my goodbyes.  What a day!

Also, in addition to the drawings I made at the residency, I worked on a couple of photo-based projects and along with many of the other artists, became quite the collector of maps, stamps, postcards (new and vintage) and objects from the land such as shells, stones, sea glass, lava rocks and the like.

On Sunday I did a photo shoot of one of the Amelia Earhart islands in the Icelandic landscape set against the sea.  Here are a few images from that shoot.  I wonder what they’ll become when they grow up?

I am, once again, so grateful for this phenomenal residency and the opportunity to see breathtaking sights in a remarkable country, make work unimpeded, and become friends with such a fantastic group of artists.


with the goal I set for myself: twelve blue drawings while in Iceland.  Now for some last minute projects… and packing all possible fun into my last weekend here.

the sea hath wrought

Gleaned on my walk back from the lighthouse last evening.

the latest

so far

Here are the drawings I have made so far, all of them gouache and ink on paper (some with cut-outs):

These are just Photoshop-tweaked snapshots.  I’ll post better images to my website eventually.  I am having a lot of fun with mapping and engaging negative space.  I’m excited to see where this all leads…


I am completely inspired by the variety of blues in the landscape in Iceland. The fact that three of these images were taken from my studio window is a testament to my good fortune at having been granted this residency…


Considering all of the day trips, socializing and wonderful meals at this residency, it’s a wonder I’m getting any work done.  I am making progress slowly but surely and am making untold discoveries along the way.

The state of the studio:

The state of the art:


On Sunday, we went to the Fish Festival.  It was entirely interesting and bizarre.  On display on ice were many of the types of fish typically caught in the Icelandic region.  It was fascinating the range of types of sea-life caught as well as the depth to which the nets can access (as evidenced by some freaky black fish with little lights and whatnot coming out of the tops of their heads).  Here are some sights from the day.


Not only are the landscape, city and people (the Icelanders and my fellow residents) amazing here, but my living situation is pretty top notch.  I have this wonderful little room.

We’re eating a lot of dinners as a group.  The ten of us residents share a kitchen and many nights someone or a pair of us will make a big dinner for everyone else.  The communal atmosphere is great.  Here Nina and Julie are fixing a fantastic meal for some of us.  To see recipes from our fellow residents, visit my and Mark’s vegan blog.

I share a studio with Nina and Klaus.  We get along very well and have been pretty productive.  We are all on similar schedules, so the sharing is working out well.  Mark took a photo of me in my studio set-up:

I am surprisingly getting some work done while Mark is here.

Iceland is creeping into my work. There is an eggshell from the uria lomvia bird (they’re harvested from the rocks and sold in markets for people to eat) and some herring from the fish festival this last weekend. And every so often I look up from my work and see view like this through the studio window:

I am so grateful for this completely fortifying experience.


at midnight.  From the studio roof.  This place is wonderful.