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Mount Esja

See that mountain? That’s Mount Esja. We decided to climb it on Wednesday with our new Norwegian friends Torgier and Catrine and our Austrian friend Klaus. This is what it looks like from the studio window.

This is the view from the bus drop-off point. We climbed to the top.

Maybe you need to look a little closer…

Mark on the ascent surveying our foe.

A mountain stream with fresh cold water to drink.

Mark signing our names in the book at the top of the mountain.

At the summit.

Iceland: 1

Mark and I are in Iceland now!  We’ve been here a few days and love it so far.  I will try to post at least one photo per day from our amazing trip.

This is the graffiti wall at the end of our street.  To get to the downtown (about a five-minute walk) we hang a right at the wall and walk along the ocean.  This was on a crystal-clear day on our first day of exploring after we recovered from our phenomenal case of jet lag.  Today an ash cloud has descended over the city, so we can’t even see the horizon or the mountains, normally so clear from our studio window.  We’re having a fantastic time with a with a wonderful group of people from many different countries.  More to come…stay tuned!