Mount Esja

See that mountain? That’s Mount Esja. We decided to climb it on Wednesday with our new Norwegian friends Torgier and Catrine and our Austrian friend Klaus. This is what it looks like from the studio window.

This is the view from the bus drop-off point. We climbed to the top.

Maybe you need to look a little closer…

Mark on the ascent surveying our foe.

A mountain stream with fresh cold water to drink.

Mark signing our names in the book at the top of the mountain.

At the summit.

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  1. abigail:


  2. lauren:

    nice work, and sort of unreal! all i did today is get all mopey
    because the normal park yard sale was shite shite shite. then i napped.
    so that’s a lot like mountain climbing.

  3. Mark:

    They’re more or less interchangeable, I’d say. Except I don’t usually have to take a complicated multiple-bus trip to get to my naps and I especially don’t have to literally run down the face of my naps to catch the 6:10 bus–the last one before 10pm. All of which made the hike a bit more exciting in some way, but would make a nap suck bollocks.

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