New work: Cairn


While in Berlin, I’ve started a new drawing series not dissimilar to Last Map. It generally engages the idea of the object as souvenir. Although the act of choosing a souvenir is usually individual, the adoption of souvenirs (and/or imbuing an object with significance of some sort) is a universal act found across time and cultures. I find that certain objects, such as elements of detritus from the environment or those borrowed from nature (stones, sea glass, shells, pressed flowers, etc) are the lowest common denominator since they cost nothing and are easily found.

Using objects such as these as a starting point, and expanding the notion of the souvenir to snippets from photographs, even images from existing artwork seen in galleries and museums (we do often take something away from such experiences), I am rendering them as “stacks”. The series is called Cairn after the stacks of rocks left in natural settings, piled by people to indicate a site of memorial or as a record of their having passed by. This is what I have so far…

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    Just love this.

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