Non Native

Non Native, a four-person show at Butter Projects, opened Saturday night, and despite a mess of freezing rain and snow, there was a great crowd. Here are some images from the opening and the show install.

Above: Katie Phillips

Above: Katie Phillips, Amy Sacksteder and Chido Johnson

Above: Katie Phillips,  Chido Johnson and Kyohei Abe

Above: Amy Sacksteder and Chido Johnson

Above: part of my Last Map series installed in new, custom-made frames.  Reclaimed oak frames by Matt O’Brien (with white finishing by me).  Framing done by Molly Nuzzo.

Thanks to Alison, Jacklyn, Kelly, and Elizabeth for a great opening!

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  1. Abbigail:

    The opening looks great. I am hoping to visit Butter projects next time I make it to Michigan.
    Love the Last Map work.

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