back to life, back to reality

Within hours I went from hanging out in wonderful, wacky Budapest in clubs like Szimpla Kert:3394269



(…this is where Michael and I spent our last night in Budapest and had to say goodbye to some fantastic new friends, who we’re sure to meet again.  There’s a Halloween trip to NYC afoot!…)

…to my peaceful, breezy life in Michigan.  Here are some scenes from my domestic eden:


gladiolas from my welcome back party hosted by Mark

Juni asleep

Juni asleep. Chandelier pillow compliments of Mary Elise Bolam.

laundry time

laundry time

the beast! (aka Wobbly Bob)

the beast! (aka Wobbly Bob)

the kitchen window box

the kitchen window box

And since too much peace in my life is unsettling, I decided that my home studio isn’t arranged quite right, so now I am grappling with this mess:



But thanks to my amazing fellow, there’s a fridge stocked full of my favorite things to fuel me.  I also made sun tea.  Thankfully right now, wherever I am, there is glorious summer!

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  1. lauren:

    love it babe, keep up the posts, even though i have been to your house a thousands of times, i love seeing your photos! juni! bob! it’s weird how your blog makes me miss you although i am only on vacation until Sunday!

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