night out

Nannette forbade me from posting her image, but since Mark wants to know who my new friends here  are, here’s her picture (with a giant breast):IMG_6178

Uh oh.  She’s going to kill me tomorrow…

In the photo, we’re at a place called Gödör, which, in Hungarian, means “hole.”  At some point, the city intended to build an amphitheater here, but never finished it, so a private party created a club out of the hole that the city started to dig out and thus resulted the Gödör.  Here are some photos of this popular hang-out spot:



When Mark was still with me for the first couple of days of my time here, we saw our friend Chris play with his friend’s band inside.

Getting back to tonight, at this point in the evening, we had been to a couple of openings, and decided to indulge in some decadent drinks, so we ended up at (rats I don’t remember the name of it!) some lovely bar.  Here we met friends, and got drinks that looked like this:

a rose-tini

a rose-tini

an extra dirty martini (I've never seen this much care put into drinks before!

an extra dirty martini (I've never seen this much care put into drinks before!)

You can see our bartender just behind my martini glass.  Just in case you think I’m spending all of my time here partying, here is an image of some work I did today.  I finished (I think) two smallish- to mid-sized island paintings:


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  1. Leslie:

    Sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. Leslie:

    When are you coming back?

  3. amy:

    It’s very fun here as you can see, but I do miss home immensely. I am coming home on the 9th- next Thursday.

  4. amy:

    Oh, and Nannette grudgingly agreed that the post is okay, so I am still alive and well.

  5. Abbi:

    I love the island paintings. I have done no work of late and need to be inspired, and out of boxes. Looks great and a lot of fun.

  6. jentifer:

    You do realize any reference to “pig guts” or shall we say “hog guts” brings me right back to Kishwaukee Hall.

  7. amy:

    Actually, I have been hanging out with a butcher/artist who makes sausage art and thus uses hog gut in both professions. Max the dog likes to lick his sculptures…

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