ghost town

It’s been a busy couple of art months recently.  The latest is an installation called Ghost Town for the Annual Art Faculty Exhibition in the University Gallery at EMU.  What you don’t see is one of the best aspects of the piece: there’s a song.  Mark wrote the most amazing song recently that I dubbed Ghost Town and I knew it had to be part of this piece.  He rigged speakers in the rafters above the installation that plays the song subtly, so that you only really hear it when enveloped in the gold cut paper.


To get an interwebby version of the effect, listen to the mp3 while scrolling through the images.

I made the components of this piece at different times.  The gold paper cut-outs and small oil painted panels were all made for my solo exhibition Still at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in April 2009.  The skull pieces (gouache and gold leaf) were made in Budapest this last summer.  They are essentially portraits of the skulls in the artist/stylist/designers’ homes featured on The Selby.  I plan to make more of these and am excited to see where I can go with this piece in the future.

The opening is Tuesday night February 2 from 4 – 7 p.m. in the University Gallery in the Student Center at EMU.    There’s a lot of great work by all of my colleagues.  Come see the show!


  1. abigail:

    can’t wait to see it in person!

    great song!

  2. Lydia:

    Love that track – beautiful and dreamy/ nostalgic. If I wasn’t in New Zealand I would definitely come to the exhibit to experience it all for real! Great work!

  3. Joe Sacksteder:

    Beauteous – will stop by gallery at soonest available moment.

  4. Joe Sacksteder:

    Song is very wonderful also. Effectively mixes simplicity with a virtuosoishness that seems a new leaf for Dickson. Compliments the art very well. Team Dicksack should collaborate more often.

  5. debra wolford:

    Wow I just came across this and am really stunned at how intricate innovative and Beautiful this is. The Music is great as well…Well done Kids….

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