Not only are the landscape, city and people (the Icelanders and my fellow residents) amazing here, but my living situation is pretty top notch.  I have this wonderful little room.

We’re eating a lot of dinners as a group.  The ten of us residents share a kitchen and many nights someone or a pair of us will make a big dinner for everyone else.  The communal atmosphere is great.  Here Nina and Julie are fixing a fantastic meal for some of us.  To see recipes from our fellow residents, visit my and Mark’s vegan blog.

I share a studio with Nina and Klaus.  We get along very well and have been pretty productive.  We are all on similar schedules, so the sharing is working out well.  Mark took a photo of me in my studio set-up:

I am surprisingly getting some work done while Mark is here.

Iceland is creeping into my work. There is an eggshell from the uria lomvia bird (they’re harvested from the rocks and sold in markets for people to eat) and some herring from the fish festival this last weekend. And every so often I look up from my work and see view like this through the studio window:

I am so grateful for this completely fortifying experience.


  1. Mark:

    I second that! The place and people are super awesome. I had to return to “real life” today and I already miss it and a certain artist there…

  2. Abbi:

    Breathtaking. What residency is it? What an impressive experience that must be. I am sure that Mark and the cats are missing you already!

  3. Joe Sacksteder:

    I totally love the drawings you’re doing. Keep it up!

    Is it just by coincidence that you’re working with a paper color that i would call “Iceland blue?” Did you plot this whole trip based on paper color, or vice versa? Next up, Finland. (They’re they same color blue.)

  4. amy:

    Thanks Joe! It’s not really a coincidence- since I was working on the blue drawings before I came here, but certainly works into a lot of the colors of the landscape I’m seeing here. I am completely inspired!

  5. amy:

    Thanks Abbi! It’s the SIM residency at Seljavegur. It’s spectacular.

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