studio vignette

I am reinstalled in my Ypsi studio for the time being until August when I head to Philly for another residency.  After working small in Iceland, it feels great to be working large again!  I love having the sea glass and ceramic in the studio and keep arranging it in different ways.  Now to keep from melting…

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  1. Abbigail:

    Do you have the whole studio to yourself now? It looks great. So well organized and ready for painting. I wish I still had a studio next door. My space is quiet but can start to feel a little lonely.
    I will be in Ann Arbor on the weekend of July 24. Let me know if you will be around on Friday or Sunday of that weekend and we can get together. I would love to catch up!!! 🙂

  2. Joe Sacksteder:

    Studio vignette, almost as fun as a Ratface vignette…

    That should confuse people who aren’t member of our family.

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